License Instructions

License Instructions

1. Download the production and training license files from the email sent onto your desktop.  You don’t have to open them. Just save the files on your desktop by right clicking on each of the files, then click SAVE AS, click DESKTOP and then SAVE.  Moving these files to your desktop makes it easier to locate when getting to step 7 of the installation process.

2. Log into ReDoc as a ReDoc admin.

3. In the top left corner of the ReDoc window click on the Admin dropdown.

4. Select remove license, this will ensure that the new one that is being installed does not conflict with the old one. ReDoc will warn you twice about uninstalling the license. Click yes both times.

5. A message will appear that lets you know that you will be logged out of ReDoc when you click OK.

6. Once logged out, reopen ReDoc and log back in.  A message asking if you want to install a new license will appear. Click yes.

7. Select Desktop from the folders on the left column, then search for the proper license file.(example 6 is a screen shot from Vista...XP may look slightly different) NOTE: If you had uninstalled the license from production, select the production license. Then click OK, or double click on the license file to install.

You should now be able to log into ReDoc. If you have any further issues please contact ReDoc at (888) 401-4400 option 2.
NOTE: this process can be completed at any workstation that can access ReDoc.